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2024 natural bridal makeup inspiration, inland empire makeup artist

Let's talk wedding makeup and how to prep for the big day! 

-Start a skincare regimen and get regular facials 6 months before the wedding. 

-Plan a trial around 3-6 months out from the wedding. You want the look to still be fresh in your mind. 

-Bridal makeup is different from a regular makeup application. We have more long wearing products that help hold through kissing, crying, swearing and dancing the night away. 

-Bridal makeup pricing also factors into it the time you are communicating with your artist, emails, texts and any questions you may have over the duration of your booking. We are also expected to have pretty much anything that is needed in our kits. I always bring a separate bag with deodorant, tooth brushes, Advil, pepto bismal, safety pins, nail glue and so much more. 


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